Monthly Musings - October 2023

November 16, 2023


In response to being asked about how to go deeper with one’s practice with children, we offer these monthly musings as invitations for you. You might take the invitation up

  • as an individual or with your team.
  • at monthly staff meetings.
  • to provoke conversations when feeling stuck.

The opportunities are endless.

We will pose these musings monthly but use them as you feel moved to. You might spend more than a month with one question. Or you might revisit a question at a later time. Each time you visit or revisit a question, new possibilities emerge.

This month's musing comes from the holistic play-based goal of Well-Being and the facet of Physical Health: Participating in a Variety of Physical Activities Indoor and Out.

"What experiences are provided at your site to promote children’s active engagement both indoors and out? How do you plan for age and physical capacities? Think about access to play in the outdoors, what materials are rotated through outdoor areas, and what activities are available in the outdoors.”

Makovichuk et al., 2014,p. 95


Additional resources for your consideration:

Scheffel, T., Steele, A., Scott, J., & Hives, L.(January 31, 2019). Learning in the snow: How children develop through all-weather outdoor play

Canadian Child Care Federation (CCCF). Physical Activity and Play.