Flight Video Tour Series – Project Information

September 22, 2022

Project Description

Starting in Fall 2022 the Flight research team is engaging with early learning and child care (ELCC) programs across the province to tell their Flight story. 

The Flight research team, with funding from Alberta Children’s Services, is co-creating a video series that captures the rich array of experiences ELCC programs are having during their Flight journey. The videos may explore these questions and more:

  • How did your program get started with Flight?
  • What challenges did you face, and how did you overcome them?
  • How does Flight guide daily practices today? What does that look like?
  • How do families and communities benefit and contribute?
  • Where might you go next with Flight?


This collaborative project is a process of video storytelling. ELCC program leaders and educators will take the lead in telling their story and showcasing how they use Flight to guide daily practices. There is no prescribed script, and each story will reflect local and unique approaches.

Staff of selected ELCC programs will work along side the Flight research team and videographers to plan, conduct onsite video recording (i.e., virtual tour, interviews, featuring Flight practices), and reflect upon how the videos can represent the unique story they would like to share. The whole process will take approximately 8 - 12 hours of your time (including 1-2 days on-site for video recording and 2-3 meetings with the research team).

There is no cost to the programs and final video production will be completed by MacEwan University. In recognition each selected ELCC program will be provided a $1000.00 honorarium for their participation.  


Selected ELCC programs will benefit from being a part of a collective experience of storytelling, learning and reflection. The video project offers an opportunity to reflect on a program's growth using Flight over time, from the beginning to present and what the future might hold.

The video tour series will consist of up to five video stories and will showcase participants' unique journey with Flight and act as a virtual community of practice where other ELCC programs can reflect upon the recorded experiences and find motivation to continue using Flight practices in their own ELCC program. Videos will be publicly available on the Flight website.

Applications for the project are now closed - more information to come in January 2023


Time: What is the time requirement?

Each video will require approximately 6-8 hours of program staff time to complete. This includes 1-2 site visits to conduct onsite video recording, 2-3 meetings with the Flight research team (i.e. initial discovery discussion, onsite tour / interview and final review meeting).

Meetings and onsite video recording times will be arranged in collaboration with program participants and may occur outside of program hours.

Process/timeline: How long will the process take?

The project has four phases: Discovery (mapping), Story Telling (filming), Creation (production) and Sharing (engagement). Below is a general outline of each stage:

  • Discovery (January - April 2023) - meeting with ELCC programs and research team to map out what is your Flight story and how you would like your story represented.
  • Story Telling (May -August 2023) - collecting onsite video recordings and interviews
  • Creation (September - November 2023) - Producing and editing videos (supplementary content - i.e. voice over / narration / quotations etc.)
  • Sharing (December 2023) - posting videos online & supplementary information (engagement)

Following these four phases the videos will be made available on the Flight website. Additional resources will accompany the video series for other ELCC programs who want to reflect upon their journey and learn from the experiences presented.

Video Format: What will the videos look like?

We anticipate the videos will be approximately 8 - 12 minutes in length. In the discovery phase the Flight research team will engage with programs to discuss what they would like to share. Generally each video will feature: a tour of the program showing what Flight looks like for each program, featuring key practices or elements of the program’s unique journey with Flight and some reflections from program participants that will serve as jumping off points or provocations for viewers.

Privacy: How will children’s identities be protected?

The research team will ensure the identity of children is protected and only images of children whose families have consented to have their images shared will be in the video series.

Cost: Is there any cost to our program?

There is no direct cost to participants. A $1000.00 honorarium will be provided to each program in recognition of the time they will spend with the research team (see above).