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Alberta’s Early Learning and Care Framework Downloads

Inspired by early childhood educators, Flight: Alberta’s Early Learning and Care Framework represents the brilliant, imaginative, fluid, and organic work of children’s everyday curriculum. It encourages reflectivity and freedom of thought, and motivates growth, change, and innovation bringing us all together toward a shared goal — nurturing Alberta’s children, as mighty learners and citizens, to take flight.

The curriculum framework document is organized in the following way.

Section 1 – Introduction

Vision, values, purpose, and guiding principles foundational to the curriculum framework.

Section 2 – Core Concepts

The core concepts provide educators with the key ideas that support the perspectives of early learning and care that guide practice.

Section 3 – Goals and Dispositions to Learn

The holistic play-based goals and children’s dispositions to learn are described providing a common language to illustrate children’s daily curriculum making and learning.

Section 4 – Glossary and Endnotes

A glossary at the end of the curriculum framework provides definitions of the emerging professional language.